Is Something Holding You Back from Achieving Your True Potential?

  • Are you avoiding putting yourself forward for opportunities?
  • Do you think that everyone else thinks you are better than you are?
  • Maybe you got lucky - that’s why you’ve gotten this far?

You could have Imposter Syndrome!

Maybe you know about imposter syndrome already, but you are worried that you really are an imposter, and that no one else feels like you do?

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Imposter Syndrome

Want to know more?

Find out more about Imposter Syndrome and how you can manage and overcome it on the 3 Steps to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome webinar

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Want to learn more?

Understand more about Imposter Syndrome and how you can manage and overcome it in the Imposter to Empowered®  ebook.

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Want to go deeper?

Find out more about Imposter Syndrome and how you can manage and overcome it on the 6 week Imposter to Empowered®  online programme.

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Aoife’s training on Imposter Syndrome is a game changer.  Concise notes, easy to understand examples of how best to identify what challenges are specific to you and ideas that you can work with immediately to enable you overcome what up to now has been an obstacle for you.

The training is easy to follow and Aoife’s friendly approach ensures that people are comfortable asking questions, all of which are dealt with in an effective manner.

I would highly recommend Aoife to anybody who knows they need some help to work past the beliefs that are holding them back when the right support ensures they don’t have to. 


I recently took Aoife’s Imposter Syndrome webinar. I would highly recommend anybody to take part in this webinar. I got so much from it. It helped me identify my imposter syndrome type. I was able to identify how my imposter syndrome was holding me back and has given me the power to identify actions to overcome these obstacles completing one in 24 hours.

Aoife was so well informed on this topic. She communicated so clearly with us. Aoife was extremely supportive throughout the webinar. She encouraged us to participate but nobody was pressured into doing so. Even after the webinar Aoife has been extremely supportive.  Thank you so much Aoife. I have learned so much and feel empowered and supported.


I recently attended Aoife O’Brien’s “3 Steps to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome” webinar. I have struggled with Imposter Syndrome recently after changing jobs. I found it highly enjoyable and very informative. Aoife’s knowledge of the topic was second to none and her enthusiasm in explaining it was exceptional. She describes what it is and more importantly gives people practical tips on how to overcome it. I personally took a courageous action in overcoming my symptoms of Imposter Syndrome and found it exhilarating and worthwhile. I would highly recommend this webinar to anyone that is struggling with change or would like the courage to take action to begin a new chapter in your life. Go on, take the first step.


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