Is Something Holding You Back from Achieving Your True Potential?

  • Are you avoiding putting yourself forward for opportunities?
  • Do you think that everyone else thinks you are better than you are?
  • Maybe you got lucky - that’s why you’ve gotten this far?

You could have Imposter Syndrome!

Maybe you know about imposter syndrome already, but you are worried that you really are an imposter, and that no one else feels like you do?

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Tanja Hallam, F5

Aoife held a workshop about Imposter Syndrome for our Women’s Inclusion Group in EMEA. The workshop was interactive and contained a real plan of action on how to deal with and overcome it. The session was very well received and we got a lot of positive feedback from our colleagues. I highly recommend working with Aoife and I look forward to scheduling another session with her next quarter.

Sorcha Finucane

TrainedIn engaged Aoife in July 2020 to present a workshop on ‘How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome’, there were 50 in attendance. With Aoife’s content and engaging manner, there was a high level of participation, positivity and sharing on the call. I am going to be working with Aoife again in November this year and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone, individual or business, she is so authentic and genuinely cares.


Aoife delivered an excellent presentation and workshop on Imposter Syndrome to members of the AbbVie team across Ireland, and EMEA. Aoife adapted the format of the workshop to deliver virtually to a large group. The feedback was excellent from all our attendees. Thank you Aoife for all your hard work in delivering an excellent workshop. Looking forward to working with Aoife again in the future.