You feel you don't deserve your success and you're going to be found out at any moment

Do you feel like you got to where you are by pure luck, and worry that people will find out that you're a total fraud and really don't belong where you are at all?

I know I want this ebook!

Sound familiar?

  • I'm overcome with imposter thoughts and self-doubt

  • I'm constantly doubting my decisions and my abilities 
  • I put things on the long finger because I don't think I can do them

  • I have extremely high expectations of myself (and others!) and I get anxious when things go wrong
  • I worry that people will think I'm too big for my boots
  • I'm not taking any action towards progressing my career
  • I'm not proactively seeking out new opportunities

Imposter to Empowered ebook

👉 Identify your imposter triggers 

👉 Understand your imposter type

👉 Identify the impact of imposter syndrome on you/ your career/ your business


As with everything I do, this is focused on taking action, especially on those areas where imposter syndrome has been holding you back!

✅ The ebook is a mix of written content and practical tools

✅ You can fill it out on your device or print it out

✅ Clarify how imposter syndrome is holding you back and achieve your goals

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Acknowledge your imposter experience

Identify what kind of imposter you are, how imposter shows up for you and the impact it is having on you personally and professionally.

Build you belief in yourself and the impact you have

Identify what the imposter is saying and flip those negative and disempowering beliefs to ones that will support you to thrive in your professional life.

Identify what action you will walk away with

Of all the things you want to achieve, identify which of these you will achieve, and take courageous action towards making it happen! 

I'm in!

About me

Hi, my name is Aoife O'Brien, and I am here to help you on your imposter journey!

In 2019, I was asked to share my experience of Imposter Syndrome with a journalist. A couple of months later, I appeared in an Irish Times article (picture and all), talk about feeling like an imposter! Since then, I've gone on to speak about Imposter Syndrome on local and national radio (Today FM & 2FM), on 20+ podcasts, 20+ public speaking engagements, as well as working with individual and corporate clients. I'm also a total data nerd - everything I share is backed by research. I hold a first class honours MSc in Organisational Behaviour, a Certificate in Career Coaching, and a Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching. I've taken my core learnings about imposter syndrome, and distilled it into this ebook.