You have been letting imposter syndrome hold you back for too long!

Now is the time to finally do something about it.

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Sound familiar?

Are you constantly doubting your abilities, feeling like a fraud, despite evidence of your success? You're not alone. Imposter syndrome affects 70% of individuals, holding them back from reaching their true potential and experiencing the fulfilment they deserve. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Introducing our groundbreaking webinar: "3 Steps to Overcome Imposter Syndrome: Unlock Your Full Potential." Led by Aoife O'Brien, renowned expert in psychology and personal development, this transformative online event is designed to help you break free from the grips of imposter syndrome and step confidently into your greatness.

If you have been:

  • Trying (and failing) to ensure everything is perfect

  • Doubting your own abilities to deliver what you said you would
  • Comparing yourself everyone else and falling short

  • Stopping yourself from applying for opportunities (promotions, awards etc)
  • Letting your high expectations of yourself (and others!) turn you into a micromanager
  • You're afraid to put yourself out there and be really seen
  • Thinking everyone else thinks you're better than you actually are
  • Totally afraid of being found out as the fraud that you are


What if I told you it didn't have to be that way?

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Webinar: 3 Steps to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome 

A one-hour webinar where you will walk away with clear and practical knowledge to take action and overcome imposter syndrome.

What You'll Learn:

  1. Understanding Imposter Syndrome: Gain deep insights into the roots and mechanisms of imposter syndrome, learning why you feel the way you do and how it's holding you back.

  2. Identifying Your Triggers: Discover the specific triggers that exacerbate imposter syndrome in your life and learn practical strategies to disarm them.

  3. Building Self-Confidence: Develop powerful techniques to boost your self-confidence and quiet the inner critic that keeps you stuck in self-doubt.

  4. Embracing Your Success: Learn to acknowledge and celebrate your achievements without feeling like a fraud, allowing yourself to step into your accomplishments with pride.

  5. Creating a Growth Mindset: Cultivate a growth mindset that empowers you to embrace challenges, learn from setbacks, and continuously evolve into the best version of yourself.

  6. Practical Tools and Exercises: Receive actionable tools, exercises, and resources that you can implement immediately to start overcoming imposter syndrome and reclaiming your confidence.

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Acknowledge your imposter experience

Identify what kind of imposter you are, how imposter shows up for you and the impact it is having on you personally and professionally.

Build you belief in yourself and the impact you have

Identify what the imposter is saying and flip those negative and disempowering beliefs to ones that will support you to thrive in your professional life.

Identify what action you will walk away with

Of all the things you want to achieve, identify which of these you will achieve, and take courageous action towards making it happen! 

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Your Webinar Host

Hi, my name is Aoife O'Brien, and I am here to help you on your imposter journey!

In 2019, I was asked to share my experience of Imposter Syndrome with a journalist. A couple of months later, I appeared in an Irish Times article (picture and all), talk about feeling like an imposter! Since then, I've gone on to speak about Imposter Syndrome on local and national radio, on 20+ podcasts, 20+ public speaking engagements, as well as working with individual and corporate clients. I'm also a total data nerd - everything I share is backed by research. I hold a first class honours MSc in Organisational Behaviour, a Certificate in Career Coaching, and a Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching. I've taken my core learnings about imposter syndrome, and distilled it into this 1 hour webinar.

Who we've worked with:

What people say about the webinar:


"Aoife held a workshop about Imposter Syndrome for our Women’s Inclusion Group in EMEA. The workshop was interactive and contained a real plan of action on how to deal with and overcome it. The session was very well received and we got a lot of positive feedback from our colleagues. I highly recommend working with Aoife."

Tanja Hallam


Impactful & thought-provoking

"As Chair of the Women's Network at the Central Bank of Ireland, we are always looking for ways to empower and support our colleagues. To mark IWD 2023 we welcomed Aoife to discuss and unpack the concept of imposter syndrome. The session was impactful and thought provoking and challenged us to better understand ourselves."

Dr Michelle O'Donnell Keating 

Central Bank of Ireland

Passion and knowledge

"We booked Aoife to talk about the Imposter Syndrome and the ways it undermines the perception of success and impacts employee recognition. The event was amazing - her passion and knowledge about the topic, her ability to interact with audience that sparked interest and resulted in many participant questions."

Lenka Tittelova


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